hi you behind the monitor, this is her, the blog owner
nice to meet you, she said, cause you all curious enough to click this page
she truly awares that she look ugly in the photo, but she'll look better in 3D

it may seems like she's a weirdo, or alay, whatever you said

but she's kind... believe it or not


she's a 21 years old lady
an INFJ / B / Javanese / ID
Student of Urban and Regional Planning in Universitas Diponegoro

About Bila Blog

a personal blog
/ Plants / Photography / Art / Creativity / Self Development / Urban / Beach /
And many more she doesn't know there are too many stuffs she's attracted

opinion / experiences / randomness / daily life / personal feeling

Little Clues About Her

she want to be elegant but sometimes want to freely show her stupidity
she's stupid in many thing by the way, that's why she is easily happy
and she's quiet like a silent type person judge you secretly,
but honestly actually blank type

writing blog, writing the journey, writing to express
that become memory of one kind human growth,
her surroundings and her minds
writing so that become time gift
to her future self

happiness is when you comment after reading what she post on this blog
and it's gonna beautiful day for her, if you leave trace by little chit chat in her social medias

have nice day :)


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