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DAY6: Totally Your Type for Rocking Afternoon

12:04 AM

Currently listening to this quintet rookie-rock band from South Korea. Don't compare them with any other boy-groups/idols you mostly know from Hallyu wave. They're rock band type with original talent and music. Talented in playing instruments, singing, produce songs, arranging album, that totally worth-it to watch out.  What's make this band is so unique that they can play the instruments and undoubtly good singers except the drummer (but soon he'll be).

They do the promotion with street live performance, showcase and busking. Formed by a famous label in South Korea, JYP Entertainment, they're recruited from singing auditions and contests.

If you still think that South Korean music, is about some skinny boy with colorful hair, wears mascara and fancy clothes, doing dance... come on open your eyes..



6:08 PM

You know.. A tree famously symbolizes 'tropical island paradise'?
Summer, tropical, beach, sunny, peace, vacation .. ?? 

You must be thinking about this..

Source: Matthew Williams-Ellis
Yes.... That's PALM

i mean these palms
palm trees, ferris wheel and sunshine! perfect.
They strictly stand-out with unbranched tall stem, and evergreen leaves arranged at the top. Palm is included in Arecaceae botanical family. This monocots creature is madly important in human life civilization. You can amazed by not only with its physical, but also by its variety of benefits.  Coconut water, VCO, palm oil, wax, kopra. From food to building materials. To the extent that my country, Indonesia, the scouts use the palm seed as their symbol. Because it's so useful from the root to the leaf.

look.. palm trees in the desert? it's oasis!
Palm trees are symbolized for many things because they have held an important role for humans throughout much of history. And one of the species palm, date palm, is known as the “tree of life” in the Middle East, and it’s the national symbol of Saudi Arabia and Israel. Representing vitality and growth. Then Saudi Arabia brings them to next level. Palm Island.. Dubai!!

Big palm for human settlement... Big palm for planting the other palm trees
Palm Island stem
Palms mentioned dozens of times in both the Quran and the Bible. In Judaism, palms represent peace and plenty. In Islam, dates is prominence (sunnah) food -along with grapes- because of its rich nutrition, it's liked by the prophet. They are recommended to pregnant women and who doing fast. While the tree symbolizing a muslim, it's well explained here.

Dates growing in Yuma, Arizona
Source: Natural Resources Conservation Service
Knowing the palm family, bring me to this country: Seychelles. Lies 1,500 kilometres (932 mi) east of mainland East Africa, there's a nature park consisting palm forest there, called Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve ("May Valley").
Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve palm forest

The great thing is that the park is the habitat for endemic palms which has largest seeds of any plant on Earth: The coco-de-mer palm.

mm.. so why the form is little bit weird...
There are about 2600 species of palm trees, most of them living in tropical, subtropical, and warm temperate climates. Even they represent tropic but you can see in Dave's Garden blog that many palms can live in warm place.

It's also mesmerizing to know that palm can live in cold climates like Hardy Palm. And recently i'd just knew that scientists recently found out that palm trees once covered Antarctica.

i think Elsa gonna need this.. for a lil bit tropical touching for her empire

When you got asking about where is the palm trees will have tropical-vacation look... is your answer is in beach? Then of course.. Palm, especially date palm is a very salt tolerant tree and will grow well in alkaline soils where other plants will not. They are sometimes irrigated with ocean water.

Damn i'm so in love with this refreshingly exotic creature. And have you seen this kind of palm?

Traveler's Palm
Majestic right? But... Like traveler's palm, there are some plants called 'palm', like yucca palm, Torbay palm, sago palm, but they are not part of the Arecaceae family (palm family).
Lianas in Sri Lanka, but like this one can included in Arecaceae family

Apart from countries in Southeast Asia, there're state, i'd always imagined when thinking about palm and landscaping: California and Florida !! I'm currious to take a sight there directly.

Palm tree lined street in Beverly Hills. Los Angeles, California. Copyright
Florida street palm
Palm tress along the Clearwater beach in Florida
Men rest beneath two fan palms in California, 1886

Well, I think should include Middle East countries absolutely

But in Arab case, is a litlle bit unique.. after the Palm Island, they find a unique genus of palm family: smart-palm tree. It's so smart that it can offer you WiFi and charging phone. It can be founded in Dubai beaches and parks. Fascinating!

Smart-palm trees. Fascinating!!
People really amazing right?? They're inventing and discovering in anything.. including to confront the amazing plants to meet basic needs people nowaday for technology.

Palm Morphology Illustration...
But that smart-palm tree doesn't need this illustration at all.
So why do i put these after explaining smart-palm tree?
well.. i just love this illustration

Talking about palm, I've always dreamed to living in coastal area, or such coastal urban area where the palm trees line up. Or even something bigger, with city planning academic background, i want to enter the city council to make city landscaped by this plant.

urban for living - Santa Barbara, California.
Photo: S.Borisov/Shutterstock
rural virgin destination for vacation
You can just take a walk from your home, if it's got stress and exhausted from work, watching the cheering sunshine or beautifully sunset over the sky. Playing out with family, holding hand with your lover, watching the childs  happy, walking along the seashore. Or doing cycle in one afternoon.

I'm gonna live in a white houses, cultiviting palm trees around the garden. Then in a one afternoon listening the sound of leaves palm trees, you in good mood for reading a book or writing something. Accompanied with a glass of tropical fruit juice, and inspiration just come out smoothly. What an amazing fantasy.. Pleasuring your thirsty satisfaction..

yeah.. something like this
But the modern one is such a tease...

But I think, I prefer in a beach house with boho and cozy style like these. Not too luxury outside, but has complete equipment inside

anxious about the mousquitos though
whatever, i just had to live in a place like this once in my life

After all, i had to be succes to achieving my dream about living next to palm with working hard. Work hard and growing coolly like a date palm. So i don't get regret later and having face palm...

face palm
watch out for this new genus palm

oh God.. stop with your twisting
Thank's for reading. Best regard from tropical sunshine palmaniac :))
Share your opinion about palm, and sorry for bad English, it's my third language (i'm in my practice to fluent my english)



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